Opera ‘Daisy’

The story of DAISY is based on the life of Juliette Gordon Low, the founder of The Girl Scouts of the United States of America. Written by Julia Smith, this opera was commissioned in part by the Young Patronesses of the Opera in the early 1970’s. The premiere performances took place in the Miami-Dade County Auditorium,  on November 3-4, 1973, under the direction of Dr. Warren Broome and was produced by Roberta Rymer Balfe. The Miami Herald’s music critic at the time, James Roos, stated that DAISY was, “… a vivid, colorful, spirited show, part opera, part Broadway musical, all pleasure.”

In 2010, the Young Patronesses of the Opera, under the direction of the 2009-2010 President Julie Todaro, was excited to bring this opera back to the Miami Dade Couty Auditorium for an audience of over 6,000 (mostly junior high level) children. Produced by Ms. Todaro and Directed by Dr. Warren Broome (the original director), the show was a smashing success!!! Sunday, April 18th’s dress rehearsal brought over 600 Girl Scouts to the audience and they loved the show. The three additional performances on April 19-20th also received a vibrant reponse from the over 1000 junior high children bussed in from public schools all over Miami-Dade County.

As an organization of women, we understand the importance of female leadership roles and the need to disseminate values such as community service, loyalty, friendship, honesty, and respect for others. The operetta DAISY  helps young audiences understand these values through a format that is entertaining and enlightening.

The Opera DAISY showcases Ms. Low’s life through the complexities of composition and score, the charming costumes and sets, the clever staging, the beauty of the voices, and the dramatic talents of the performers. They all serve to educate and expose students to joy of opera at no cost to their teachers or their schools.

Opera Volunteers International recognized YPO with a special award for their production of this Opera at their September 2010 Convention.