Potential Member Forms

Growing our membership is very important to keeping YPO and our programs going.

If you know of a wonderful woman who exudes a positive attitude, is a hard worker, loves to work on a team, isn’t afraid to take on a leadership position, enjoys working on programs for children, likes opera, likes music, has time to give to a charitable organization, loves to make new friends…has any or all of these attributes, they may be a wonderful addition to YPO.

Below are forms you need for a new potential member and as a sponsor. Please download these forms (by clicking on the form you need below) and send them to your potential member to fill out. You will need to find a co-sponsor (another YPO member) to help you sponsor your friend. The details regarding the gatherings and dates is on the “Dates and Details” document below. Be sure to download it to save and send to your potential member.

If you have any questions, contact our Vice President/Membership Chair at: membership@ypo-miami.org.

Click below for each document:
Membership Details for Prospective Jr. Provisionals and Provisionals -2018-2019
SPONSOR/Co-Sponsor form
2018 YPO_Membership_Application