Teacher’s Resources

You can use our Opera Funtimes to teach many skills in your classroom. View the Lesson Plans below to see how. 

LESSON PLANS/ Study Guides:
Below are lesson plans for a few of our Opera Funtimes. Most were presented at our Teacher’s Workshop. NOTE: Many of these lesson plans included can be adapted to any of the Funtime booklets.

Magic Flute
(by Leslie Cooper)

Tales of Hoffmann
(by Leslie Cooper)

(by JoWanda Peterson)

Romeo and Juliette
(by Leslie Cooper)

Opera Funtime Booklets:  Click here – Opera Funtime Booklets  for the main stage operas can be viewed by clicking HERE

In-School Opera’s Booklets and Study Guides/ Lesson Plans:

Little Red Riding Hood Booklet 2018
By Julie Todaro and Sheri Swanson)

Little Red Riding Hood 2018 study guide
by Julie Todaro)

2017 Cinderella ISO Booklet
by Julie Todaro)

Cinderella ISO Booklet Study Guide 2017
by Julie Todaro)

Pied Piper Booklet
by Julie Todaro and Sheri Swanson)

Pied Piper Study Guide
by Julie Todaro)

Papageno study guide
by Julie Todaro)


NEW Opera Etiquette
(A new one page poem for students on proper etiquette at the opera)


The Bare Bones Story Map

Learning to Sing Article

KWL Chart

MUSICAL WARM-UPS:                                                 

Opera Star (a 5-Note Warm-Up Song)
(by Julie Todaro, YPO Past President)

  Opera Warm Up (by TP)
   (by Toni Puhn)

Opera’s Fun for Everyone
(by Roberta Balfe, Founding YPO Member)

LISTEN TO: Operas Fun For Everyone

Roberta’s Operas Fun for Everyone
(by Roberta Rymer Balfe)
(Original handwritten version in key of B flat)